SCOTT ROUTENBERG jazz pianist composer arranger orchestrator educator

Lots of Pulp (2003)


Original compositions merging the styles of found sound sampling, electronica, jazz improvisation, classical, and world music.  Inspired by natural sounds and their unconventional use in electronic composition.




Reviews and Quotes:


"Freshly squeezed: Miami keyboardist and composer Scott Routenberg defies logic by finding ways to make a drum machine creative on his new CD, Lots of Pulp...Routenberg creates true world music by using everything and the kitchen sink on Lots of Pulp."

-Bill Meredith, PALM BEACH POST, 2003


"For composer Scott Routenberg, the world is his studio.  Routenberg's music is so fresh, it'll fool ya!"

-Bob Weinberg, CITYLINK


"This 2003 recording from UM-trained pianist-composer Routenberg blew me away. While you marvel at the inventiveness of his sound-design — he sampled everything from the jingle of sacks of change to the thwuck of concentrated orange juice squeezed from its container — the masterful compositions and good humor win you over. Colors from violin, harp and cello to flute, sax and oboe add to the tonal pallette, mixing the organic and electronic in a very modern and satisfying way."

-Bob Weinberg, South Florida Favorite CDs 2008


"Lots of Pulp has lots of groove."

-Raul Murciano, University of Miami Frost School of Music


Track Listing


1    Lots of Pulp

2    Coin and Silverware Song

3    The Ludlam Express

4    77 Degrees F

5    Industrial Evolution

6    Horizontal Bossa

7    Sketches of Lauderdale

8    21st Century Romantic

9    Voulez-Vous du Chocolat?

10  Cinematek

11  Gluteus Groove

12  Chicken Pickin'

13  Sensualism

14  Underground City





















Scott Routenberg- programming, found sound sampling, beats, vocal percussion, keyboards, Fender Rhodes, piano

Billy Contreras- violin

Patrick Lopez- trumpet

Jon Dadurka- acoustic bass

Phil Doyle- flute

Dan McGovern- drums

Glenn Basham- violin

Phil Fest- acoustic guitar

Terezina Valhois- vocals

Nancy Marencin- oboe

Tara Hanish- cello

Vincent Fiorillo- cello

Anais Mailloux- harp

Sofia Kraevska- piano, vocals, co-writer


All tracks written, arranged, produced, mixed and mastered by Scott Routenberg.  Track 12 written by Scott Routenberg and Billy Contreras.  Tracks 9, 13, 14 written by Scott Routenberg and Sofia Kraevska.  Found sounds recorded by Scott Routenberg.  Graphic design and photography: Scott Routenberg and Sofia Kraevska.  Thanks to all of the musicians who have contributed their singular talents to this project.  Published by Denmaster Music (ASCAP).

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