SCOTT ROUTENBERG jazz pianist composer arranger orchestrator educator

Jazztronicus (2006)


An eclectic and groove-based mix of jazz, electronica, funk, world music, and film music from the 2004 winner of John Lennon Songwriting Contest's Maxell Song of the Year.  Bandwidth is published as a single on EMI Records.


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Reviews and Quotes:


"The soundtrack-ready opus resembles some of fellow keyboardist Herbie Hancock's future shocks."

-Bill Meredith, JAZZIZ


"Great writing and playing-very inventive and original-that's so nice to hear."

-Randy Brecker


"I was stunned by how you cracked the code of so many different found soloists who improvised lines with real substance. Jazztronicus takes up where Quincy Jones and Oliver Nelson left off."

-Dr. Mark Gridley, Jazz historian and author of Jazz Styles




Track Listing


1    Brazil '06

2    Gluteus Groove

3    Shores of Paradise

4    Lots of Pulp

5    Designer Bossa

6    String the Groove

7    The Midnight Creeper

8    The Crawford Recipe

9    Felicja

10  Chicken Pickin'

11  Alborada

12  The Tooth Fairy

13  The Reckoning

14  Bandwidth





















Scott Routenberg- programming, keyboards, piano, Fender Rhodes

Sofia Kraevska- vocals, lyrics, co-writer

Billy Contreras- violin

Brandon Wright- tenor sax, soprano sax, clarinet

Patrick Lopez- trumpet

Phil Doyle- flute

Brian Perez- bass clarinet

Maria F. Castillo- flute

Douglas Lora Las Casas- acoustic guitar

Marie-Helene Gagnon- cello

Helen Huifang Chen- violin

Kristi Rostad- harp

Aaron Mitter- acoustic bass

Jon Dadurka- acoustic bass

Tim Weir- trumpet

Jeremy Levy- trombone

Dan Kinzelman- flute, bass clarinet

Jason Carder- EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument) )

Chris Whiteman- electric guitar



All compositions written and arranged by Scott Routenberg except the following: Shores of Paradise and Designer Bossa, written by Scott Routenberg and Sofia Kraevska; Gluteus Groove and Chicken Pickin', written by Scott Routenberg and Billy Contreras.  All compositions published by Denmaster Music (ASCAP), except Bandwidth, published by EMI April Music (ASCAP).

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